Dog Lovers And Dating

Dog Lovers And Dating
 by: Val Witt
No doubt if you're reading this article, you have a dog. Moreover, you like to go places with your dog and Rover definitely prefers going out with you instead of staying home alone! But, you are not only a dog lover, you're also a people lover and like to go out on dates too. Finding harmony between dating and your dog's needs may be a challenge for you. Perhaps you and your dog have both been sad when you've left your dog behind to go out on a date. Luckily for you, there are some solutions that could make everyone happy.
First though, there is one dilemma, not every potential date wants you to bring your dog along! So, right away you have to decide, if you meet someone that is not dog friendly, do you want to bother dating that person at all? However, if you meet someone who doesn't have a dog, but they are up for going on a date with your dog, why not give them a chance.
Actually, this could be a fun way to break the ice in a more casual setting to find out if there is any dog karma between you and your date. And, more importantly, a good chance to see how Rover sizes up your date. Dogs have an uncanny way of sorting out the poochie people. So pay attention, how your date interacts with your dog will give you a lot of clues about their personality.
For example, you might go to a "pets welcome" coffee shop where it will be easy to see if your date is attracted to the dog friendly environment or turned off by it. Most doggie people are more laid back friendly types who don't lose their appetite if they see an ill-timed doggie accident! But to the un-dog person, this may be too "ruff." The good part about a coffee get together is that it's easy to cut short the meeting if things don't seem to be working out.
An alternate dating rendezvous could be arranged at a local dog park where you often go to give Rover and yourself a workout. Perhaps you prefer to be around people who are active and like to stay fit. While you are at the park, you'll definitely be able see if your date is an energetic type who eagerly joins in the fun and games with your dog, or appears to more of a couch potato who poops out early!
If the relationship is going to go anywhere, these things are important to you and your dog, so this is a good way to get the scoop early on. As a dog lover, you don't want your dog to take a back seat to a new relationship - that would inevitably sabotage it in the long run.
So what other way could you meet a person that would welcome a date with your dog? One that comes to mind is a rather new idea - online dating and matchmaking services exclusively for people with pets, particularly dogs. The odds are bound to be far more in your favor if you start at a place where the members are already in sync with your pet loving nature. Not only that, before you set a date you can also sniff out the more personal stuff to help you select the right person.
Once you have set a date with a dog person, you can start out by having your first date at a dog friendly meeting place. A casual environment will take a lot of the stress out of that first face-to-face meeting. If that pans out, there are numerous other places you can go that put out the welcome mat for Rover too. Many of them always have a supply of doggie treats and water on hand to keep Rover happy.
Among the more romantic choices where you can include your dog are the nice dinner restaurants that have outside heated patios. I even found one place that offers a doggie cocktail called appropriately a Dogarita. Some cities offer old-fashioned carriage rides around the town square and the driver's have no problem with doggie passengers.
Another unique option is to rent a sail or powerboat for a day of sightseeing in the fresh air - don't forget Rover's lifejacket. And of course you can always find great dog beaches and parks across the nation where Rover can socialize with his pals, enjoy a game of frisbee with you, or just have a good run.
So you see, you don't have to leave Rover home alone or give up dating. Doggies want to be with us and true pet people who love their special and loyal companions, think they deserve to be included. Who knows, even Rover may find true love!
I hope this article will help you and Rover to discover the many possibilities for having fun on your dates.
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Please help me bring my cockatiels home from Japan!

First off: I apologize to those of you who see this multiple times.

Right now, I live in Japan with my two pet birds. In August, I'll be moving back to America. However, the USDA has decided that they won't issue an import permit to birds of Japanese origin because of 'avian influenza H5N1.' A disease which even the World Health Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health both agree is not present in Japan, and in fact isn't present for over 1,500 kms from where I'm living.

To make matters worse, one of my cockatiels is handicapped and in need of medical attention I've been unable to find for her in Japan.

Please help me by visiting my website, printing off a letter, and mailing it to the USDA stating your support and asking them to reconsider their decision. Thank you for your time!

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shelter for pets of abused women

Pets to get shelter from domestic abuse
Friday, April 21, 2006
Kevin Kidder

Much has been said about the human victims of domestic abuse.

But yesterday, Columbus City Council joined with a local nonprofit group to announce a new foster-care program for the other victims — the pets of abused women and children.

The new Safe Haven for Pets program will care for those animals because women sometimes won’t leave abusive relationships because women’s shelters don’t allow pets, said Lesley Ashworth, executive director of the People and Animal Welfare Society. The women fear that if they leave without the pets, the animals will become targets for abuse.

During the next few months, the society will accept cats, dogs or other pets and take them to the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, where inmates will care for them.

"Victims won’t have to choose between their safety and that of their beloved pets," said Karen Days, executive director of the Coalition against Family Violence.

After the victim recovers, typically about 90 days, pets can be reunited with their owner or placed with another family, Ashworth said.

Placing the pets in a secure place such as a prison means disgruntled men won’t forcefully try to get the pet back.

Many of the women at the prison have been abused themselves.

"It is almost a perfect circle of care and nurturing," said veterinarian James Prueter, who co-founded a similar program in Cleveland called SAFE, after which Safe Haven is modeled.

As part of Safe Haven, domestic-violence support groups such as CHOICES will include questions about pets on their intake questionnaires. Other groups, such as Legal Aid and the Columbus city attorney’s office, have agreed to refer people to the program.

The Capital Area Humane Society will treat any abused pet and then transport it to the prison, society agent Kerry Manion said.

PAWS, which is spearheading the new program, was created last year with an $86,000 grant from the City Councilto coordinate domestic-violence and animal-abuse initiatives.

FINALLY!!!! having been in that situation, it sucks.
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police dog sued...(yes, this is REAL!!!!)

It’s a field day for wags as suit cites police dog
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Jim Phillips

Athens County Sheriff Vern Castle and Auditor Jill Thompson pose with Andi, the dog being sued by a convicted drug dealer.

ATHENS, Ohio — Andi couldn’t sign the complaint notifying him that a convicted drug dealer had sued him. He couldn’t even manage an "X."

So Andi’s attorney helped. He put the police dog’s big paw print on the complaint and sent it back to court.

"I just thought I’d be safe, and show that he was served," said Athens County Prosecutor C. David Warren.

"Canine Andi" is among the defendants in a civil lawsuit that Wayne Francis Green filed Nov. 18 in Athens County Common Pleas Court. Green says the Athens County sheriff’s dog helped illegally search his Albany furniture business in 2003.

After Andi picked up a scent from the building, searchers found 50 pounds of marijuana. Last month a jury convicted Green, 46, of possession and trafficking. He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 6.

"Everybody’s laughing about it," Sheriff Vern Castle said of the suit. "I don’t know what he’s thinking, suing the dog. Everybody’s making jokes about it, like maybe we should send him a box of dog biscuits and see if he’ll take that as a settlement."

Green filed his 19-page, handwritten lawsuit days after his conviction. As his own attorney, he has demanded $450,000 in damages. The lawsuit also names police officers, deputy sheriffs, employees of the prosecutor’s office and Common Pleas Judge Michael Ward.

Green, who is free on bond pending sentencing, could not be reached for comment. The public defender who represented him at trial questioned his former client’s decision to sue Ward, who will sentence him next month.

"I certainly wouldn’t have recommended it in terms of timing," said Michael Westfall. "But I can’t control what my clients do without me."

This isn’t the first Athens County police dog to land in the middle of a legal battle.

Before Andi, there was Pepsie, a colleague with the city police department. The dog’s frenzied response to two drunken students’ barking in 2001 led to the students’ arrests and a widely publicized court battle about whether the First Amendment protects woofing rights. One student was acquitted and another pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct.

And while Andi’s codefendants seem to be taking the lawsuit in stride, Warren said the stress may be getting to the dog.

"He seems lethargic," the prosecutor said. "He may be suffering psychological problems from this. We may have to file a counterclaim."
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Louisville bans pit bulls?

An out of state friend sent me a link to the breediets_no community and this post, which I have copied and pasted here completly...

I have friends that have Pitt bulls, and bully mixes, and Otis, my baby, is often referred to as a Pitt bull by people in the neighborhood even though it's very obvious that he is a boxer. I would hate to think someone would want to take my dog away from me... I hate to think someone would want to take my friend Patti's dog away from her....

Post begins below........

Louisville may add limits on pit bulls

Have you written a brief letter? I have. If you have not, please consider contacting the newspaper, legislators or, if you are local, attending the public hearing on the proposed legislation. Every little bit counts, and none of us should stand idly by as our beloved pets are attacked from all corners. We should do our best to help defend all maligned dogs in every part of the country. It's the least we can do.

Though they have not caused any problems in Louisville, KY, Rottweilers are also being added to the list of dogs who would be affected by the proposed legislation (which varies from muzzling, 500K insurance, to outright banning).

Council Meeting: The Louisville Metro Council will meet at 6 p.m. tomorrow in City Hall, Sixth and Jefferson streets. You have to register by 4pm today to attend: 574-3902. Up to 10 speakers can orate for 3 minutes prior to the onset of the meeting.

Cheri Bryant Hamilton or 502.574.1105

List of other council members:

Joseph Gerth (author of article):
Letters to the editor:
- Shorter letters are always appreciated (under 200 words)
- Point out that at least one of the dogs involved in the recent fatal attack is probably *not* a pit bull (according to the director of Animal services)
- Point out the ATTS statistics, unsoundess of BSL, cost, and maybe point to sound legislation that addresses behavior (New York's a good example)

Behind this cut is an article about all of this..Collapse )

This is an excellent point and I wish more people saw it this way.
"She compared such laws with those on drunken driving. "We don't ban alcohol, because we know the problem is the person using it," she said"

I just thought people would like to know about this in case they live in the area.
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Now that I've got your attention....

Go HERE, and a spend a few minutes watching the trailer for the film Off The Chain that will be released on August 30th. (today)

You should come away from your viewing feeling embarassed to be a human being.

If you are over taken by the cuteness of that group of pups pictured above, you can meet them at their My Space page. One of them is in the film during an interview, and our boxer Otis is sitting here bragging about how he is internet friends with a movie star. pffft
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Help this guy find a home!

This is Barney.

He is around 8 months old. We adopted him today for free from a woman out in the South End that said her husband "bought him from someone that said he was a full blooded pit bull but now he won't even mess with him."

The woman said the dog has always been kept outdoors and the most her husband would do was "throw him some food". She was willing to give him away to anyone regardless of their intentions it seemed to me because my initial e mail to her was "I'll take him." and she responded with her address and when I could pick him up. When we got there I asked a lot of questions, since we cannot keep him and just wanted to save him from going to a shitty home or become as I've heard it put 'a disposable sparring partner for another Pit Bull" he needs a home QUICK!

Background on BarneyCollapse )

Todays behavior observations...Collapse )

Basically, he seems well tempered but needy affectionate-wise. He would need a backyard probably or someone to take him on many walks often.
Okay with older kids (10 and up) but I think he would need to be an only dog but I'm not sure yet.

Here are some pictures of him....
ClickCollapse )

If you want to meet him or ask questions e mail me at and I will send you my phone number. My name is Ella.

Also, We'll give you his collar (red), his leash (red) and that dog house in the picture. (it's needs to be washed.

Thank you. Please pass the word along about this doggie.
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