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Pragmatists for Animals

a non-antagonistic community for learning and sharing

Pragmatists For Animals
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This is a community for friendly and civilized discussion of animal rights and animal welfare issues. All are welcome here, from the most militant (but respectful) vegan, to the omnivore who just wants to help the local pet shelter. You are free to post any idea or thought, so long as it remains respectful of the other members. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion (including people the mods disagree with...contrary to rumor, the mods do not ban people simply based on personal disagreement.) The rules are simple.

1. Respect the fact that animal activism comes in many shades and colors. Just because a person does not live up to your personal standards, or you believe a person's views are too extreme, does not give you the right to put them down. Every contribution is important.

2. Respect the varying degrees of ideology surrounding our animal friends.

3. If you don't agree with someone, respectfully state your opinion and leave it at that. This is a place for learning, not fighting. Civil debates will be allowed. Name calling and insults will not.

4. When presenting a view, try to articulate it in a way that doesn't encourage bickering and fighting. For example, if you are vegan and wish to make a post outlining the benefits of a vegan diet, do so in an intelligent manner. Do not say something along the lines of "OMG I'm a vegan and if you aren't you don't care about animals". Conversely, if you are an omnivore, do not post something like "OMG vegans are so stoopid. Humans are supposed to eat meat and anyone who doesn't know that is stoopid!"

5. Most importantly, Share! Share stories of animal successes, share information on various causes, share legislation issues, share tips on cruelty free products, vegetarian recepies, share anything you want.

Your friendly moderator is poloemily usually she's pretty chill, but if you violate the rules of the community, you may be subject to a warning, deletion of posts or comments, extreme ridicule, or just flat out banning at the mod's discretion.

ALSO: I shouldn't have to say this, but...DO NOT send flame mail to members' personal e-mail. The penalty for this will range from public mockery to the submission of your e-mail to every spam site known to man. You have been warned.

Should you have a concern or question that is not being addressed, contact the mod at Artemis699@aol.com.

Please remember, I am only one person. I do not read EVERY post and comment, so if you feel that there is a violation that is not being handled, please e-mail me with the link.