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The environment needs you!

Alright kids, listen up. There are only about 18% of the forests in the US that still remain untouched and protected by environmentalists. The Bush administartion is working with the logging companies to get these forests unprotected and allow logging to be legal. Nearly 50% of national forests have already been destroyed by years of road construction, mining, and logging. Nedless to say, this is a huge concern for the environment. It's going to devestate us in a way that cannot be reversed. It's going to invariably knock out many species. 1/4 of America's endangered species live in these forests. Not only that, but these are places that are preserved in their purest states to make for really great hiking and camping and natural observation of all kinds.

What can you do to stop this? Contact your congressmen/women. Contact your state representatives. Tell them to vote against the Bush initiative to make logging legal in these forests. Contact your local environmental groups and donate to their cause. They'll help you to get in contact with any sort of state reprsentative. Please. This is very important. We have to save the environment. We don't get a second chance with it. Once it's gone, it's gone. Support renewable energy. The more you do that, the less logging will be needed. If this act gets passed, not only will the government be allowed to log in these places, but they will also be allowed to build roads through these preserved areas. Do whatever you can. It's your environment.

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