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Help save a rabbit!

For all of you who support rescues, please read the following.

Dominique Moroz is a woman who singlehandedly runs Rabbit R & R, a nonprofit rabbit rescue and sanctuary in Northville, MI. The rescue takes in unwanted rabbits and rehabilitates and rehomes them. All of Dominique's work is funded solely by her own money. She works incredibly hard to save rabbits and she is just an awesome lady that I am very happy to know and work with.

As an employee of the Huron Valley Humane Society, I have had occasion to work with Dominique quite frequently. She has taken in rabbits and other small animals from our shelter that otherwise would be put down. Her selfless efforts in face of all the abandoned and abused rabbits is really commendable, and as she has helped us out so many times, I would like to help her out in return.

If any of you could donate even a dollar or two, that may mean she could take in one more rabbit to rescue and rehome. She spays/neuters them at her own cost and her adoption fee doesn't nearly cover it. Due to her financial constraints and the emotional toll that rescuing takes, I know she would really, really appreciate it. She has not asked me to do this. It was on my suggestion that she put up a donation link on her website.

As I've mentioned, Dominique is non-profit and runs her rescue with her own funds. She does the best she can with a limited amount of money. I have seen her facilities, and she keeps her rabbits incredibly clean and well-cared for considering how many she has to take care of all by herself.

I have seen Dominique almost break down in tears because of her demanding work, and because she has too limited funds to do what she'd like to. I'd like to change that, if I can.

Please, please donate if you can. You will help save more rabbits, and you'll be supporting a wonderful lady, too.

There is a Paypal donation button at the bottom of her page. Feel free to email me any questions (klvaught AT comcast DOT net) or contact me through the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

EDIT: Although Dominique's primary focus is rabbits, she does take in other small animals when she can.
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